Gabriela Vainsencher_Missing Person_web_IMG_8481.jpg

Brittany Nelson and Gabriela Vainsencher with Nicole Kaack

CC_LF_DoubleWindowLowRes copy.jpg

Aglaé Bassens with Eric Oglander

Taro Suzuki,  Japanese American , 2017, Acrylic on canvas on panel, 30" x 30"

Taro Suzuki with Mary Heilmann & friends

CC_Chandler+Coates_Anal Lingus and the Vomiting Zephry.jpg

Caroline Wells Chandler and Jennifer Coates with David Humphrey and Angela Dufresne

CC_Faigeles 8.jpg

Lauren Faigeles with James Siena

Charlotte Hallberg with Peter Halley

1_VLM_CHAOSCHAIRS_webresize (1).jpg

Virginia Lee Montgomery with Nicole Kaack


Johannes DeYoung and Natalie Westbrook with Sam Messer and friends

Bill Komoski and Lauren Silva with Dona Nelson


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