Cati Bestard

Bestard's work focuses on taking spaces she inhabits and commonplace architecture as a starting point. Using sculpture and photography, she’s interested in exploring the connection between physical space and its representation.  Her first solo show in New York at Ulterior Gallery, decrease, she cut up her sculptures from her thesis show into smaller pieces and repurposed them in order to create something new. This deconstruction and reconstruction became the central idea behind decrease. In regards to the exhibition, Bestard said, “What if the only way to care for the world is to decrease? To produce less, to consume less, to take less and leave less behind. To reconsider what we really need and create another system of values.”

Bestard has Participated in exhibitions at Ortega y Gasset (New York), Time Square Space (New York), Jewish Museum (New York), and the Lenfest Center for the Arts (New York), among others.  She received her MFA from Columbia University.